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How Sex Ed Solutions is working to change the view of sex education today

Teaching kids, teens, and young adults about sex, safe sex, and sex education in general is an important part of raising safe and well-rounded individuals. Sex Ed Solutions is a website dedicated to teaching children and youth what they need to know about sex and safe sex on general while also working to remove the stigma and promote a more open and honest discussion about all things sexual with children. In their eyes and according to their mission’s statement and purpose SEX ED is much more than teaching safe sex. Sex Education is...

  • teen dating coaching and education on teen violence prevention and reporting

  • education on body image, body positivity, and overall self-esteem

  • sex positivity and encouragement to embrace one’s sexuality in a positive manner

  • policy and law and education on safe and acceptable practices for minors and adults

  • access to information, how to find reliable resources, and improve media/tech literacy

  • school safety on and off campus and positive interactions with peers

  • addressing issues of reproductive justice and body autonomy and rights

  • education and assistance dealing with sexual harassment and reporting of misconduct

  • assistance with sexual abuse and assault prevention for all ages

  • focus on promoting an anti-racist approach to sex and sex education

  • trauma-informed approaches to address past experience and concerns

  • strong focus on sexual health and safety, including disease prevention

  • abstinence options and support for those wanting to avoid sex for the time being

  • strong approach focused on interpersonal violence prevention and safe environments for all

  • mental and behavioral health and the relationship these have to sexual habits and choices

  • importance of social justice in regard to sex, birth control, protection, and sexual health

  • improving communication skills for open and honest discussion regarding sex

  • unplanned pregnancy prevention and support for pregnant teens

  • substance abuse prevention to reduce sexual risks and avoid risky behaviors

  • an LGBTQ+ inclusive approach to cover sex from ace to aero to poly and everything between

  • basics of pregnancy and human development and developmental concerns

  • personal hygiene and sexual health connections for all ages

  • special focus on puberty and dealing with bodily changes

  • how to build and maintain healthy relationships, both sexual and non-sexual

  • bullying prevention and how to deal with abusive and manipulative relationships

  • basics of reproduction, safe sex, sexual practices, and sexual attraction

  • gender differences and sexual differences

  • the importance of consent for sexual engagement and what ‘no’ means

  • family diversity and the many types of relationships and that they are all valid

  • the important of setting and maintaining personal boundaries

  • and much, much more

At Sex Ed Solutions, their mission and focus is clear: “Comprehensive Sexuality Education is an international human right for children and adolescents.”

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